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Sunflowers!! | Family Photos Louisville KY | Kelly Dillman Photography

Sunflower mini session time is one of my absolute favorite times of the year! It’s so crazy how these beautiful flowers are only blooming for like three weeks so we always take advantage and get in as many shoots as possible in them before they’re gone. I just think they’re not just gorgeous, but fascinating – most of the blooms are bigger than your head! Not to mention the kids love them and they make for the most fun, fairytale- like photos 🙂 I had to share this session because they brought their puppy along and the cute factor went up about 800%!

If you haven’t signed up yet, you still have ONE more chance this year to get in on the sunflower fun – I still have a few openings available for mini sessions at the huge sunflower field at Evans Orchard in Georgetown, KY on Sunday, August 4 so contact me at or 502-767-4101 asap to reserve your spot!

babies children family Louisville KY maternity newborns Specials

Mother’s Day |Kelly Dillman Photography| Louisville Family Photographer

So this was one of those shoots where all of the elments come together to create magic! Beautiful weather, amazing light, just the right amount of wind, GORGEOUS subjects and a kiddo that wasn’t camera shy AT ALL lol 🙂 When we’re lucky enough to have all of those things, it makes it so much easier for me to focus on capturing the emotions and moments!

With Mothers Day coming up, and having two teenagers AND a brand new baby, I’ve been feeling ALL the mommy feels lately…my heart swells every day watching my big girls grow up and seeing my little one trying to figure things out and learn every day.  Seeing my twins as big sisters and seeing the baby so happy to be with them makes my heart explode.  But also seeing how quickly they all change every day and really knowing as a mom the hard truth about how fast time really does go by and not being able to stop it all at the same time is so heart wrenching sometimes!

So all of this was on my  mind going into this shoot – I wanted to capture their mommy-daughter relationship. I wanted to capture all of the little things that you don’t really realize you need to remember until your kids are as old as mine. The way your kids look at you like you’re the funniest thing ever when you make a goofy face, how hard they squeeze your head when they kiss you, the look of pure safety and comfort on their faces when they close their eyes and nuzzle into your chest when they’re trying to get warm, their pudgy little hands holding onto you…the way theyreally truly love you without end and how in their eyes you are completely flawless and perfect…to me, being a mother is truly the BEST thing to be.

I hope I was able to capture this for this mama 🙂 And I would love to do the same for all of you moms out there too! I know so many of us hate to be in pictures but it’s so important – what I would give to be able to go back and tell myself to get over my confidence issues and just have some photos taken like this! 

P.S. I also have gift certificates available! Prettily packaged and ready to gift (forward to your husbands for *hint hint*! 😉 )

I hope to see you soon!!

– Kelly

Louisville KY seniors Specials

Congrats Class of 2014! | Louisville KY Senior Portraits | Kelly Beach Photography

It’s high school graduation time for the Class of 2014 so I wanted to post a special best wishes and a CONGRATULATIONS! out to ALL of these gorgeous, sweet senior girls that I was so lucky to get to photograph this year!  Not only are they all beautiful on the outside,  but every single one of them is the kind of girl that I hope my own daughters will turn out to be!  Good luck in college girls!!Class of 2014


Spring Mini Sessions! | Louisville KY Family Portraits | Kelly Beach Photography

Happy Easter everyone! The sun is FINALLY shining and the warm weather is rolling in! Right in time for Spring portraits! Spring mini sessions will be held just two weeks from now – April 13 and 14th at Farmington Plantation.  It is such a beautiful location with old houses, a huge garden and some cute barns and out buildings.  It is one of my favorite places!  My facebook fans got a heads up about these and have already booked several of the time slots so email me at to reserve yours before they are gone! These sessions are perfect for maternity,  3 and 9 month shoots for those of you on the baby plans, and for older children and teens that may only get their pictures taken once or twice a year :).  I also have a special item I’m going to be including and will let you know the details about that once I get them worked out.  I look forward to seeing everyone! 🙂



Summer Mini Sessions | Louisville KY Family Portraits | Kelly Beach Photography

I am so excited to announce that I will be holding another round of mini sessions!  These will be June 23 and 24th down at Waterfront Park.  It is such a great place – the river, the skyline, the boats, the sculptures, the beautiful park… so much to work with!  With the session fee ($210) you get a 25 minute session (perfect for the little ones with short attention spans :)), 5 digital files, and an 8×10 print of your favorite image.  All of that is a $300 value!  I have about 16 time slots available and they fill up fast so call or email me to reserve your spot as soon as possible!