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Little Princess | Louisville, KY Baby Photographer

I absolutely ADORE this little girl.  And her room – all pink and green and princess-y.  It definitely suits her! I met her and her family just a few months ago and you may recognize her from this picture – one of my all-time faves.  She is sooooo sweet. And precious. And cute. And photogenic. And smiley.  She is so easy to work with – this shoot only took 40 minutes! (That’s a record for an 8-month old).  I think she should be the next Gerber baby. 🙂




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Lil Miss Stella | Bardstown, KY Family and Newborn Photographer

So here it is – B-town trip, take 2! After getting snowed in Saturday morning, I finally got to meet little Stella on Sunday! I’ll make this post short and sweet because I know there are a TON of people that adore this little angel and who are anxiously awaiting her first pictures, but I’ve gotta say she wins the award for easiest baby EVER! She stayed awake for our family pics, then as if on cue, conked out right when it was her turn in the spotlight.  It must run in the family because her big brother was a piece of cake when he was a newborn too and even now at a year old, he is still quite the ham :).  He was pretty fascinated by the camera though and kept coming around to look at the screen between shots – too cute! 🙂



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Seven | Louisville, KY child photographer

Well, I was supposed to be in Bardstown today to have a shoot with a sweet lil newborn girl, but alas, as usual,  my impending visit there seemed to trigger preciptiation AGAIN (in this case, three inches of snow!)! So, I am stuck at home today.  But there is a silver lining! To scratch my picture-taking itch and to finally do what I have been wanting to do for months now, I bribed my daughters with Hershey Kisses and promises that they could listen to my ipod and had a little impromptu shoot with them.   They are identical twins and for the past year, I have been wanting to document their insanely opposite personalities.  Every day I dread the thought of them growing up and me not having a record of just exactly WHO they are at each stage of their lives.  I wanted to have pictures that will remind me when I’m old and gray  grayer of all of the little things about them that I adore that make them the sweet little girls that make my life worth living.  So here’s the first installment of the project. 

 Just a little background.  The top two pictures show their personality – and boy are they full of it! O is on the left – she’s my diva, my princess, my fashion queen/wannabe pop star.  She loves to look pretty (it was her idea to use the flowers 🙂 ).  Never camera shy, always posing.  E is on the right.  Silly, quirky, cute as heck.  This picture is of her infamous “face”.  She made this face a few months ago when she was begging me for something and I laughed out loud.  Ever since, when she wants something and I’m not giving in, she pooches her lower lip out, opens her eyes real big and arches her eyebrows and it just breaks me right down.  I shoulda never told her it was so darn cute.  :). 

The second two pictures, to me, are the perfect examples of their fashion sense.  (Just a reminder – three inches of snow outside).  O, on the left, puts on her FAVORITE shoes – patent pink espadrille wedges.  Her nails have already been manicured in funky yellow and she completes the ensemble with her bling ring (only wearing one piece of jewlery is actually a rarity though).  E on the other hand, lives in tennis shoes.  She often dresses like a little skater chick, but she still has a girly side.  And of course, comfy jogging pants to match.

The bottom two pictures show what they value at the moment.  O, her satin pink polka dot makeup bag she got from Santa (even though she told me that Santa forgot to bring her mascara in it and asked if she could borrow mine).  E is addicted to stuffed animals and comes up with some pretty interesting names. Shown are Husky dog, gray poodle, Freezy, “the LPSO Penguin” (she says), and Sandy dog. 

They are so much more complex and I’m looking forward to the next installment.  Better stock up on Hershey Kisses and charge the ipod ;).