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Three! | Louisville Ky. Photographer| Kelly Dillman Photography

It’s really amazing how quick three years goes by! I took this little one’s newborn photos and her first year and 2 year old photos and I still can’t believe she’s already 3! It’s such a fun age too – they say so many funny things and have such cute reactions to things! We brought her favorite toy- her bubble blower lol but she couldn’t wait to see the horses at Blackacre! Then when we got to the goats, she didn’t want to leave! I love doing photo sessions here because kids have so much fun with the animals and you don’t have to force any smiles! 🙂 I can’t wait to see what adventures we’ll have at her 4 year shoot! 🙂

Cutest smile ever!
This face…!!! Pure joy!! 🙂
Waiting patiently for the horses to come see us
horses on farm photo session
Don’t worry – mom was right behind her and edited out – she was perfectly safe! 🙂
My fave for sure!
Why I LOVE shooting at sunset!
children Louisville KY

Fairy Princess Session | Louisville KY Photographer | Kelly Beach Photographer

I’ve been a photographer for going on about 8 years now and I have to say, this shoot was absolutely one of my very favorite that I’ve ever done. If not my very favorite so far 🙂 It is the result of a vision that her mom had in mind that was carefully planned (as in lots of hunting for dresses and flower crowns on etsy and choosing the perfect location and time), luck in getting seriously the most perfect weather possible and a very cooperative subject (who felt like a fairy princess in her gorgeous outfit – she wanted to see the pictures on the back of the camera at one point and after she saw them replied “Oh, I look so cute!! :)).  The rest was up to me and when everything else was so perfect already, it made my job a piece of cake!

These are the kinds of pictures that are classic – that will always be on display even when this little girl is an adult probably.  It’s why the investment is worth it – to have portraits that capture your children in these magical stages of their lives – so you can remember their happiness and playful spirits.  I’ve said it tons of times before, but it’s sessions like these especially that make me really LOVE my work and my art!

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Flower Crown by BoHoHalo Company:

Dress by:


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Big Sister! | Louisville KY Newborn Photographer & Family Photographer | Kelly Beach Photography

2016-03-16_00012016-03-16_00022016-03-16_00032016-03-16_00042016-03-16_00052016-03-16_00062016-03-16_0008I’m so excited to finally have my blog back up and running! Turns out it had a pretty bad malware infection :/ Such a pain! I have to give credit to Scott at – he is the genius who got us back up and running in one day at an awesome price! Photographer friends – if you have a WordPress blog and ever have any issues – you MUST contact him! Thanks Scott!!

So now I get to get back to showing you all of the fun photo sessions that I’ve been up to! I posted a preview of this session on Facebook but I couldn’t resist sharing the rest. This sweet little baby has the most excited, doting older sister (who I also got to photograph as a newborn!) She was so anxious to get pictures made with her baby sister 🙂 And she stole the show when it was feeding time – I adore the pictures of her putting the baby wrap on her head like a wedding veil and asking her daddy if he would marry her – melted my heart! 🙂

I just know these little ladies are gonna have lots of fun together as they get older and I’m excited to get to capture the first year of it!

children Louisville KY

Batter Up! | Louisville KY Photographer | Kelly Beach Photography

Well, I learned two things this shoot. 1 – it is a bad idea to wear flip flops to a photo shoot at a park because stepping on a bee HURTS!! 🙂 2.  If you let your kiddos take charge sometimes, they will get really involved in and have so much fun with their pictures!  I caught up with this little man before baseball practice for his birthday shoot and he was so happy to get to have some extra time on the field.  He kept coming up with ideas for pictures saying “let’s do one where I dive to catch the ball!” and “let’s do one where I slide into home!”  I think he got an extra practice in during this shoot 🙂 But he had a great time and I love the result!


2014-09-04_00072014-09-04_00082014-09-04_0009DSC_0078 l

children family

C turns 2! :)

This kiddo’s birthday photo session was so much fun for me and I’m sure for this little man too! It pretty much epitomized a kid’s perfect summer day – laying around in the grass, playing a little baseball, blowing bubbles, and eating lollipops as big as your face! 🙂